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How to Create Effective PPC Campaign in 7 Step

There are many ways of online promotion available in the market like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, running an Online Pop-up Campaign etc. and Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) is one of the most effective which gives results in a very short span of time. In PPC, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money to the publisher whenever a user clicks on his ad.  Today this services is mostly getting provide by Google and Microsoft. Google, call it as Google AdWords & Microsoft as Bing Ads.  To know more how to promote your website, check my previous blog.

Now, how does pay per click work? In this, the publisher gets some set of keywords related to their business market area. Whenever a customer types those words, publisher ad or banner appears on the internet which visually promote searcher to click on it. These results always appear above all other promotional sites and give you a high ranking. You need to pay only as per the clicks which visitor do to go to your website if they don’t then still you have a platform to show your business/brand. Isn’t it a good idea?

There are many advantages of pay per click, you can decide by your own how much you want to invest, at what time of day you want to publish your ad, select local areas where you want to show your ad, a huge number of relevant keywords help to get high raking without waiting for SEO to start function, select devices on which you want to show your ad and many more. Know more about our PPC services, click here.

Let us discuss now points which help us to create effective Pay Per Click campaign:

  1. Goal Setting:  

    Before going with PPC, it is important to identify or set your business goal/objective. Going with PPC or with any promotional services will be worthless until you don’t have your objective defined… what you want to achieve out of it?  Ask questions from yourself, will it help your business? How are you planning to achieve success from it? Which all product or services you wish to target from this campaign? You need current results or okay to wait for some time and many more as per your industry nature. After having answers set your PPC goal. To see our digital marketing services, click here.


  1. Choose a platform for ad: 

    Once you are done with your goal, next part of PPC campaign strategy is to select which platform you are going to choose for the promotion. There are many ad service providing companies are available in the market. From Google AdWords to Bing Ads, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook etc. You have to choose this platform wisely before starting the campaign so that you have the best place to post your ads. Pay per click Google is one of the most demanding and user-friendly platforms available in the market which allows you to present your business in the front of the bigger audience. You can also choose Bing and Facebook which also provide effective PPC Ad platform.


  2. Make a constructive plan:

    The best part of PPC is that you can target the geographical location where you wish to show your ad. It could be the local place, a local group, whole district, state, country or world. With the help of this geolocation filter option, you can filter the areas where you don’t want to do business or areas which have less demand for your product and services. This help to increase your ROI and optimize your campaign for better results.
    You can also select devices where you wish to show your ad. Now, most of the people use their cell phones to search the web and it became important for you to optimize your ad accordingly and can have reached till max customers. By this, you can separately target people who are using their mobile device or PC. Pay per click advertising gives users lot of option to promote their business.


  1. Effective keyword and ad text: 

    Get your best keywords selected at the beginning of your campaign so that you can have strong bases but moreover keyword selection is the ongoing process and never ends. You need to remove old keywords and add new as per the market trend.  Also, keywords get filtered out the bases of their length, price, and relevance.

    Once you have your keywords ready, it is required to have attractive text content in your ad which should be highly appealing and can virtually ask visitors to come to your webpage. PPC services are effective if you have effective taglines stick with your ad. To have an effective ad, it should consist any of your promotional keywords, offer like any discount or promotional offer and strong call of action.

Add Ad extensions and Ad Scheduling:

You can create high CTR by adding an Ad extension to your PPC campaign. By this, you can enhance your ad and show more details about your business like address, phone numbers, store rating or any additional web pages. This increase customer trust on your ad and also Google quality score. This also helps to increase your overall rating and position on Google.

One of the coolest part of the pay per click marketing is that you can show your ads as per your convenient time. You can decide business hours when you want to show your ad, you can choose days of the week when you think sales usually remains up. This helps you to target customers as per your choice and help to increase sales.

Landing Page Optimization:

It is important that when users click on your ad, the page where they reach should have the best content and detail. Having an under construction page, not perfectly managed or poor content can decrease your quality score and your money will go for nothing. The landing page should be well optimized with complete information about your product and services. A call of action buttons should be there like “Subscribe here” or “Buy Now”.

Usage of Google Analytics: 

Now after all of this, you have published your ad but how to find if it is work or not?  To have better tracking mechanism for ads, Google provides an analytical tool for Google AdWords users where they can get the insights of searchers behaviors. You can also masseur the bounce rate of your website which will tell you how many users have visited your page and moved out without performing any action. This will help in optimizing PPC campaign and landing page designs.

PPC is one of the most famous and easy to promote the platform. Having a right idea about the process and continues research will help you to build best PPC campaign and you can promote your business within few minutes. We are one of the best PPC ad agency and design creative PPC campaigns. Ask for a quote now.

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