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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to understand what is SEO and how it works? What is search engine? What is there to optimize? It is important to understand every algorithm of Google that is laid down for especially for Seo. Algorithms can be considered as guidelines or do’s and don’ts before performing Seo.

There are two major aspects of Seo – On-page and off-page activities.

We’ll walk you through you with the entire process of on-page and off-page, but step-by-step so that you will
understand the content easily.

SEO is wide and lots of activities are involved. Mentioning a few of them what
we’re going to teach you, find them as;

  • Basics of SEO

  • Keywords – research, authenticity and competition

  • Competition analysis

  • On page and off page – difference

  • Types of SEO

  • Algorithms and updates

  • Web master and analytics

  • Understanding reports and reporting

  • Google search console

  • Important features for page rank

  • Domain authority

  • Page authority

  • Google crawler process

  • And much more!