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Web Hosting Service

Host you website, where world can see it.

Having a reliable website hosting service is an important step towards your successful business website. Choosing a right website hosting company will help your business to increase its presence and make your website more secure and faster. Your customers can use your website anytime, therefore, it is important that your website should always be live.

What is Web Hosting?

Once you built a website, it is in your system only and it can only be available for the rest of the world once it is live on the internet. Storing a website in remote computer server to make it available for everyone is called Hosting. All websites which your use or surf are hosted in some of the other servers. Either you can buy your own services (space on the internet to host your website) or host it to someone else server by paying rent.

IOGOOS Solution is one of the best web hosting companies and offers all kind of hosting services, from website hosting to email hosting and cloud hosting as well. Our web hosting services come with a commitment to excellence and give your website smooth functioning. We help you to buy servers as well as to take it on the rent.

Web hosting service

Importance of Web Hosting Services

You can neither make you your website visible nor get any clicks until you don’t make your website live. To get exposure to the internet, it is important for you to host your website on the server. Also, it is important that the server you use, should be fully secure and have enough space for your website smooth functioning. Try to host your website in your country and less populated server only to avoid longer processing time.

We as being website hosting company let you rent space on our server. We offer affordable website hosting services for every scale of businesses so that they all can have their business identity and website.

Importance of web hosting
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Why Choose Web Hosting Services

 IOGOOS Solution as a website hosting company offers you’re a secure server to host your website and let you do business freely. Our systems are fully encrypted which ensure that yours and your customer data are fully secure and it is kept away the attack of hackers.

Our servers are based in many parts of the world like the US, Brazil, India, New Zeeland, Ireland, Netherland, Spain, and Japan. You can choose your preferred location and make your website live.

Our Services includes such as:

  • 24-hour support
  • Free domain registration in Calgary
  • Multi-core servers
  • Fiber-connected servers
  • Highest possible RAM

Type of Hosting

Linux Hosting Services

We offer affordable Linux hosting services with complete quality. With this, you can make your website live and increase your customer base. Also, use a shared network for hosting.

Windows Hosting Services

IOGOOS Solution provides best and reliable Windows hosting services and increases the traffic coming to your website. We offer attractive Asp.Net packages.

WordPress Hosting Services

With WordPress hosting services, we can increase your website ranking. It is engineered for speed and built to be secure and offer feature-rich experience.

Java Hosting Services

Now host you Java-based web application and website on our secure servers. Our services will be an ideal choice for your JSP, Servlets, Beans, EJB, JMS, JSF, JNDI, JDBC, JTS, JTA hosting.

SSD Hosting Services

Now, let your let your customers browse your website with lighting fast speed on all devices. With Solid State Drive hosting services, you can make your website faster even at the time of high traffic.

Shared Hosting Services

With shared hosting services, you can host your multiple websites under one server. This makes your website hosting more cost effective and gives your chance to use complete web space for your network.