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When it comes to boosting your website traffic, the first thing comes to mind is either SEO or PPC. Both have their own advantages can help you to increase online traffic to your website.  In PPC, you get the whole set of customization tool to mould Ad as per your business requirements. You can choose most competitive keywords, you have authority to publish your Ad at your convenient time, you can decide your local area where you want to show your Ad or select device. This involves a cost but gives you service the way you want it. On another hand, SEO move organic traffic towards your website which is more reliable, generic and comes for free.

But, what is better SEO or PPC?

Now, the answer to this question depends on the requirement and budget of your business. If you are looking for a sudden increase in visitors count and have some good budget, PPC can help you. PPC is more supportive when you are just starting your business and what to get things quicker.  But if you are looking for something which is under budget and gives you more stable high ranking then SEO would be the option, just it takes some more time but gives your best results. But the main scenario depends on customers and your understanding of their nature for using the internet. Only after having full knowledge about your customer behaviour you should decide what will be best, PPC, SEO or combination of both?

Let we list down the benefits of SEO:

  1. Awareness about your company
  2. Brand Creation
  3. Increase your business credibility and trust
  4. Increase website traffic
  5. Reduce promotional costing
  6. Strategic advantage in business promotion

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Now if we talk about PPC:

  1. Position to top
  2. Promote business online in short time
  3. Ad improvement
  4. Product ad virtually on the homepage
  5. Brand Visibility increase
  6. Customized ad posting available

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So, these were few advantages of both PPC & SEO services, and let us discuss in brief which is better to use, PPC or SEO…!!!

Size of Your Business: 

Now, before choosing SEO or PPC, first, you need to understand your need and budgets which relate to your organization size. If you are a small business or maybe someone who doesn’t think paid Ads work can go for SEO. You would not require to spend extra amount or to create a special promotional budget. Slowly but it will increase your ranking over the time and you can achieve a stable high ranking.
But is you being bigger farm or you have a good amount of budget to spend on marketing, then PPC could be a better option for you.  Here you can reach to first ranking from the day one and customize your online Ad on the bases of time, location, and device. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are one of the two major PPC service providing companies.  If looking to find complete Digital Marketing Solution, please go through our previous article “A Complete Digital Marketing Solution”

How your competitors are doing Ad:

You should always be though full of the competition and must be aware of what your competitors are doing? It is not wrong but you should be having a track of their ways of promotion and how much they are spending on online ads.
PPC does allow a user to choose from the variety of keywords but sometimes it cost much higher. You may have to bid high amount to get clicks if keywords are more competitive. For an example, if you are a seller of sugar and wants to post your PPC campaign, then keyword “sugar suppliers’’ may bid up to 29 USD. So, if are not interested to pay this much of huge amount then it’s better to go SEO where you can promote your business online with less investment.  If you want to know more how SEO can help your business to grow… check our article on “How Does Best SEO Company Help To Get More Organic Traffic?”

How competitive those keywords are in SERPs:

Before bidding of any keyword you should determine how it is reacting in search engine results pages (SERPs). For that, you can use Google External Keyword Research Tool which can tell you estimated competition level. This will also tell you the number of your competitors who are bidding on keyword and the average cost per click. If you wish to go with SEO here, you will find that most of the keywords have already been taken by other dominated authority website and displacing them will involve lots of time and investment.  So, in such cases, it is best to go with pay per click marketing.

But answering whether PPC is good or SEO still seems to be far. They are best at their place with their own advantages. Creative PPC campaigns can help you with sudden results but involve a huge amount of cost, the longer it will run…. the more you need to pay. On the other hand, SEO Promotion does take longer time but gives you best results in short time. This is also not that much costly and more reliable. But the best results can be obtained but running both together:

You can get following benefits by running both together:

  • You can use Keyword and conversion data from your PPC campaign and connect it with SEO.
  • By using high-performing keywords for both PPC & SEO, you can increase your total traffic volume.
  • You can displace costly and low-converting keywords from PPC to organic search.
  • You can use the same landing page for both PPC & SEO to boost your online visibility.
  • This increased trust in visitor which other side increase conversion rate.
  • Before going with long-running SEO work, you can test your business strategy with PPC
  • With commercial keywords, you can target all set of users throughout their journey.
  • Increase your brand awareness and by having PPC & SEO together and create your individual identity.
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