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What is article writing?

How to write article?

An article writing is a type of writing that is written to attain a huge target audience with the assist of the press. In the case of article writing, the press refers to publishing homes of newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. Writing a newspaper article, or writing a journal article is now not easy.


An article is a written work published in a print/electronic medium. It may additionally be for the motive of handing over news, getting to know results, tutorial analysis, or debate. Usually, an article is a piece of writing that is posted in a newspaper or Magazine for guiding a massive target market on a specific subject or subject.

The Art of Writing an Article

An article is a piece of writing which explicates ideas, thoughts, facts, pointers and/or suggestions based totally on a unique topic. There are one of a kind sorts of articles, namely:

  • Expository article: The most frequent kind of article which approves the author to put out statistics on any unique subject matter except the impact of their opinions.
  • Argumentative article: An article in which a writer poses a trouble or an issue, renders an answer to the proposed hassle and offers arguments to justify why their suggestions/solutions are good.
  • Narrative article: An article in which the creator has to narrate ordinarily in the shape of a story.
  • Descriptive article: An article written with the intention of offering a vivid description that would enable the readers to visualize something is being described. Using the proper adjectives/adjective phrases is what will assist you write a descriptive article.
  • Persuasive article: An article aimed at persuading or convincing the readers to receive a thinking or a factor of view.

Writing an article takes a lot of effort on the aspect of the writer. Content writers/creators, bloggers, freelance writers and copywriters are humans who have mastered the artwork of article writing, besides which they would now not be capable to make their mark as a creator of any kind.

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Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

If you enjoy writing then there are a lot of advantages in it. There are lot of people around who write every single day; I know that. It has however, become so easy for anyone to write and publish their story. With so many benefits and advantages, people say the writing is just a part of the job.

There are a lot of sources on how to write an article, but if you really want to impress your readers, try writing on your own piece. Here are five things you should know about writing.

1. Work, work, work!

Get started writing and put aside a chunk of your free time. You have to find the time to write about today’s information and tomorrow’s and today’s thinking. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to get started on a project. It won’t come.

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2. Choose the right topic.

The topic should be on something that is going to inspire your readers’ long-term thinking. Does your topic make sense? You don’t need to be 100% sure. But you should know what type of subjects your article will describe. It doesn’t mean you need to delve into something obscure. Your article is meant to give readers something they can’t find from their archives or the media articles available.

3. Be realistic.

Write an article about your experiences. Be true to yourself. These are two of the most important points to remember. Be yourself. Write the kind of content that you enjoy writing. I believe in writing about experiences I have been through.

You can make mistakes. Learn from them. Make the commitment to learn from them. You can get things wrong. Failing is just part of the process of learning.

4. Conduct in-depth research.

The more you research, the more confident you will be. This may seem like a cliché. It’s true. Just the number of times you find yourself Googling things and searching around the web makes you more confident and confident.

Find examples. It’s easier said than done. There will be articles that you will like but you won’t get to read them. Here’s a great example that shows why you need to check the publications of what is getting high response and check all the issues of the writer to get the best quality articles. Source can add a dash of intelligence to your article. You will always find that the writer you have chosen to make the article will contribute something significant. And you can use that source for examples.


5. Link yourself to a good blog.

This may mean writing an article on Medium or a Blogger. These two have so many benefits to writers. Writing Medium/Blogger blog is particularly advantageous for people who are new to blogging. It allows you to gain readers to your blog as well. Also it’s not difficult to start your Medium blog, you don’t need a lot of special skills.

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How Do I Write a Good Article?

Tips and Techniques

In order to be in a position to write an article that makes experience in the first place, you have to hold a few matters in mind.

  • The first and essential aspect that you have to take care of when you are sitting down to write your article is to test if you are properly conscious of the theme you are going to write on.
  • The 2d element that you have to ask your self is why you are writing the article.
  • The subsequent factor that you have to center of attention on is the sort of target audience you are writing the article for due to the fact except you recognize your audience, you will no longer be in a position to write it in a way that makes them prefer to examine it.
  • The language you use is very essential because, besides the proper spelling, right grammar, punctuation and good sentence structure, the article would now not be capable to promote itself.
  • Use key phrases so that you get a right wide variety of analyzing audiences.
  • Maintain coherence inside and between paragraphs.
  • Double-check the records and facts you provide, irrespective of the kind of article.
  • Keep the title and description as brief and catchy as possible.
  • Edit and proofread earlier than it is published.
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FAQs on Article Writing

  • Can I write a appropriate article?

If you recognize all the records about the theme you are going to write about, a excellent hand over the language, a knack to preserve it easy and fascinating throughout, you can write a excellent article.

  • What is the layout of an article?

The article must have a title/heading and a description that states what the article is about. The physique of the article can be break up into three to 5 paragraphs in accordance to the quantity of content material with appreciate to the theme you are discussing. You can have subheadings and use bullet factors at any place possible. Make certain your introduction makes humans favor to examine the total article and your conclusion leaves them satisfied.

  • How many paragraphs need to there be in an article?

An article ought to have a minimal of three to four paragraphs. The creator is, however, given the preference to existing the content material in greater than 4 paragraphs, if it would be higher for the article.

A final thought: remember, you need to concentrate on your writing, then, you can give it your all.

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