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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee for every visit to his website, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically (SEO). PPC is one of most popular form of the Internet ad. It allows advertiser to bid for ad placement when someone search with their product related keywords. Whenever a visitor visit your site, you pay some nominal fee to Publishers which off course is lesser that what you can earn from that visit.

A lot of hard work is required in building a winning PPC campaign. It involves all from the finding right keywords to organizing right campaign format. If your ad is more user friendly and attract more visitors, Publishers charge you less which eventually gives you more profit.

We are as Google partners ensure to provide you best PPC services so that your business website can come on top with most relevant keywords in very short spend of time. We can advertise your business to interested clients with PPC Advertising channel. With help of PPC, you can instantly start getting traffic to your website and boost your business.

Set your Target by your own

Our process for PPC is CREATE > ANALYSE > OPTIMIZE > REPEAT. You can’t Optimize what you can’t track. Better Analyse means better results.

Get Fast Results

Unlike SEO, PPC generates high relevant traffic to your website in the short time.

Measurable results

PPC Campaign gives you calculative results related to cost, profits, views, clicks, visits & all.

Reach to Right Audience

Decide, Whom you want to show your ad. PPC gave you option for target potential customer.

Budget Friendly

No budget restrictions, can top-up as much require and set daily or monthly budget. Also option to set bid per keyword.

Benifit of PPC

  • Keyword research
  • Fix your targeted group
  • Show ads as per location
  • Less time consuming Advertising
  • Gives your high yielding results
  • Create band value
  • Real-Time reporting
  • Budget and bid optimization
google pay per click

Google AdWord

  • Google controls about 68% of the search engine market
  • Over 350 million bad ads are removed from Google per year
  • Google serves its ads on at least 300,00 mobile applications and Websites.
bing yahoo PPC


  • They make up to 30% of the search traffic.
  • They have very different search algorithm from Google.
  • Competition is low as compared to Google for same keywords.

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