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Pay Per Click

hire a PPC Experts to generate more leads

Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee for every visit to his website, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically with SEO service in Delhi. Pay Per Click is one of the most popular form of the Internet ad. It allows the advertiser to bid for ad placement when someone searches for their product related keywords. Whenever a visitor visit your site, you pay some nominal fee to Publishers which off course is lesser that what you can earn from that visit.

A lot of hard work is required in building a winning Pay Per Click campaign. It involves all of the finding right keywords to organizing right campaign format. If your ad is more user-friendly and attracts more visitors, Publishers charge you less which eventually gives you more profit.

We are as Google partners ensure to provide you best Pay Per Click services so that your business website can come on top with most relevant keywords in very short spend of time. We can advertise your business to interested clients with PPC Advertising channel. With help of Pay Per Click, you can instantly start getting traffic to your website and boost your business.

Set your Target by your own

Our process for PPC is CREATE > ANALYSE > OPTIMIZE > REPEAT. You can’t Optimize what you can’t track. Better Analyse means better results.
pay per click marketing | Iogoos
pay per click marketing | Iogoos
pay per click marketing | Iogoos

Get Fast Results

Unlike SEO, PPC generates high relevant traffic to your website in the short time.

Reach to Right Audience

Decide, Whom you want to show your ad. PPC gave you an option for target potential customer.

Measurable results

PPC Campaign gives you calculative results related to cost, profits, views, clicks, visits & all.

Budget Friendly

No budget restrictions, can top-up as much require and set daily or monthly budget. Also, an option to set bid per keyword.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important part of PPC. The entire PPC campaign depends on this. Our PPC experts having years of experience using a different type of methods to find best keywords suites for your business.

It is obvious that one should always go for the keywords which are related to your website and your targeted business area. Before choosing keywords, it is important to figure out their relevance to your business and cost. Clients shouldn’t end up paying extra for keywords that don’t attract much traffic and not in relevance with your business is our approach.

Always Focus for

Best ROI

How to choose Best PPC Service

See the past work

Before you engage with any PPC service provider, it is must that you should check for their past work. Check if the company has been in business with the same industry from where you belong. Get contacts and talk to old customers and then go with it. 
IOGOOS Solution has the team of experienced PPC experts who have years of experience and ready to create PPC campaign for you.

Terms of contract

Check every term of service and see what all features offer. The batter will be not to engage in long-term contracts. Make your contract duration shorter so that if you don’t like the service, you can switch upon. 
We provide complete transparency in services and ensure to make you always aware of your project stage.

Costing of Service

Well, the price of PPC Service depends on many factors but still, you will find the number of PPC advertising companies who are offering the same service with the huge price difference. Check for the type of service, the time they will take to deliver it and price before you go.IOGOOS Solution provides affordable PPC services to all business with the commitment of timely delivery of services.

Is PPC right for business?

If you have heard about PPC but not sure not to start with it, you have reached to the right place. IOGOOS Solution provides you best PPC solution for your company and helps to increase your business base. With our professional PPC services, you can achieve your business goals and create your own identity. With PPC you can customize your ad as per your choice to target the specific customer.

pay per click marketing | Iogoos

PPC can work for every scale of business and help them to grow more. With effective PPC services, you choose your specific time, location and device where you want to choose your ad. Pay per click campaign is one of the best ways to bring your interested visitors to your site. With the increase in quality traffic to your website, you can get algorithm discount from the search engines and get more batter ranking.
A PPC service provider company can help you to directly reach your customers and increase the brand visibility.

Which platform is Best for PPC Promotion

You will find a number of internet search engines companies providing PPC service and give your chance to bring your business to the top. You can choose from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and many more. With IOGOOS Solution profession PPC services you can take advantage of all the platforms with the best price and expert advice.

Google PPC Service

Google AdWords is a most popular platform in the world and used by many companies to promote it on the top. It enables the business to post ads on Google search engine and other Google products. Google AdWords work on a pay per click module where user bid for keywords and when users search with those, it appears on the top. Since more than 75% of people use Google to search, it will be best go with it. You can get a huge amount of relevant traffic coming to your webpage and increase leads.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are becoming popular in recent years. Studies show that the traffic of the Microsoft PPC platform has increased by 19% in past years. Bing PPC service offer you some of the best features to start PPC campaign. You can get better control on your ad. You get more options to choose devices, it is less competitive and lot cheaper than Google AdWords. This offers you more transparency with ad and keyword bids and gets batter social extension.

Yahoo Ads

Your phone may have any other app or not, but you must be using Facebook as millions of other users and that makes it one of the best platform to promote your business. You can also post the same ad on Instagram and take benefits of both platforms together. Post photos, videos and attract more customers. One of the best parts of Facebook ads is, it allows your followers to share them on their profile page which promotes your business further.

What are the Benefits of an Effective PPC Campaign

Your Choice of Keywords

If you go with SEO, it is quite hard make for your website to come on the top page with most competitive keywords and may take up to year. But with PPC, it is the lot easier. In PPC, you can choose the number of keywords you want to set for your website through the bidding process. Once you have the keywords, you can promote your site on the top without waiting for months to organic traffic.

Choose Your Preferred Location

It is now possible with the PPC services to choose your preferred location where you want to show your ads. You can either choose from somewhere local to country-specific or international. This helps you to target your product/service related customers and filter out the areas where fewer chances to get the lead. This is why PPC advertising called customer orientated ad service which helps you to customize your ad as per your choice.

Decide best Time to show ads

Do you run your business only at some specific date or time in a day? No problem, PPC can help you to publish your ads as per your accordance. With PPC advertising campaign, you can select the days of the week when you wish to show your ad, or can choose specific dates of the moth. You can even decide for what time or duration, you want your ad to go live. This can help you do business as per your connivant and get chance to attract more buyer when they are more active on the internet.

Option to choose Device

Now, one of the best features of PPC is that it allows you to post or customize your ad as per device usages. If you are aware about your customer’s ways of searching your product, this feature can be usefully for you. that most of the people use the cell phone in some specific area to browse your product, you can choose to customize your ad as per cell phone users. If your market area has the number of PC users, you can target them directly by optimizing your PPC campaign.