4 Mistakes Which Should be Avoid In SEO

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Every one or another business is running for SEO promotion and searching for some of the best SEO Specialist. But still don’t get their desired results, you know why? Here we will discuss some practices which are followed by these SEO agencies and in the last business suffer. As been SEO Marketers it is important to have knowledge of all changes going on in the SEO Promotion field. The recent changes in the Google algorithm should be examined carefully so that no section leaves a blank of SEO promotion strategy.

Is that backlinks are still important or method has been shifted to another dimension? How much social media help in your SEO promotion? Does it still require to publish long contents on your website? How can having a mobile site help for SEO Promotion? Is there any new technology is available in the market which has replaced it? I do believe you must have encountered these questions while going with the SEO Audit of your website.

Here we have collated 4 points which have more disadvantages than good. They should not be part of your long run promotion strategy. 


  1. No Mobile Optimized website

    When we talk about SEO, it cannot promote your website until it is not up to Google standards. For better promotion, your website should meet with all parameters set by search engines. Mobile optimization is one of the most integral parts of it. Designing a company website is not only worthy if it should be mobile optimized too. Users search for your business on mobile as well as on the computer and Google will not recommend your website. If it doesn’t have Optimized for both of it. Also, if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website mean you’ll also lose some valuable traffic and leads. Now How to fix it? IOGOOS Solution is a professional website design company and ensures to provide SEO Services by SEO Specialist, the mobile-optimized website. You may also take the help of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test which will determine whether your website meets Google’s benchmark for mobile-optimized.

  2. Short Content doesn’t give much promotion

    Content should be long enough to cover all aspects of the topic which you are publishing for SEO promotion and here is the Long Content Concept comes. Good content should be of more the 2000 words which showcase your thinking and give the search engine the data it requires to show your webpage in top results. They provide a lot of value to the reader and it may possible that they do mouth publicity as well which tends to increase your SERP’s (search engine result pages). When a user searches for your organization, they may put any of the keywords. Now, when they search, search engines look for those specific words and then represent the website accordingly.  So, if you have long content with all the points, there is a high chance that your website appears on the top and you will get more relevant clicks.

  3. Optimization of Internal Links

    Without having relevant links inside your content, it will not get promoted. Internal links have the capability to influence your website ranking and promote your site on top. Search engines use links to find your content and what your website is referring to. Even before your content is visible to Google, relative links need to be added so that a relationship between pages can be established and create value. By adding relevant links to your website content, you are helping Google and other search engines to understand the relevance of your website material. Tha’s why it becomes mandatory to outsource the best SEO Specialist so that they use the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO!!

  4. Giving Importance to Social Media Promotion to Link Building
    There is no study that can show that promoting content in social media will help my SEO. Today it has just become a trend for an
    SEO company to publish content on social media networks as well, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Publishing website content on a social media platform does help the visitor to come from social sites to your company website, but that does not mean it increase your website ranking.
    You may go with creating backlinks which definitely involve some extra time and effort but it gives you a guaranty of long-run organic traffic. In other words, backlinks from any trusted website are still the primary source which helps to promote websites on the top.  Even Google quite frequently pickup sites that have good page interconnections. Just be assured to create backlinks from high domain authority sites otherwise using black hat practices may block your site. Backlink creation from these authority’s sites can speed up the process of promotion and you may get on top page in few days…!!


To sum up now…  Focus on creating more backlinks, interlink your site pages, write long content, and one the most important get your website mobile to optimize. These simple and common techniques provide the right path to SEO just avoid these mistakes and you are good to go.

IOGOOS Solution as being an affordable SEO Company, the team of SEO Specialist helps to get the best SEO services and drag relevant traffic to your website.
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