How-To: Create Easy Element Toggles with Data Attributes and jQuery.

Easy Element Toggles with Data Attributes and jQuery.
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While working on my latest WordPress plugin, I found myself using jQuery toggleClass on multiple elements and writing JS code for each was not at all a better solution. To fix this issue and keep the code clean and short I used the following code.

$(document).on('click', '[data-toggle="class"]', function () {
    var $target = $($(this).data('target'));
    var classes = $(this).data('classes');
    return false;

Make sure you have jQuery script on your page and add this code to your Javascript file and then you can use it in your HTML code as below:

<a href="#" data-toggle="class" data-target="#element" data-classes="is-active">Click here</a> to toggle.
<div id="element">...content goes here...</div>

The anchor tag with data-toggle will look for an element with ID or element and toggle is-active class for that element. You can apply this logic to any UI element such as Modal with an overlay background and use the data-toggle attributes on the modal background as well to hide the modal.

Feel free to implement and extend this code on your projects.

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