How to Get Better ranking through SEO in 2020

better ranking through seo
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First, you need to understand what is SEO and how does it work? and then you will get a better ranking through SEO.

Most of the people think that it is a tool which plays with keywords only. Basically, it is the tool/service used by SEO companies to understands how Search Engines work.

Search Engines have too complex formulas known as Algorithm. which give scores to every website and every search what visitors are doing. To figure out which site should be promoted on top of the bases of what people are searching for. And you can affect this ranking if you have high scores…!!

But wait, you are not alone in this race. There is a number of companies in this race who are trying to get high scores and be on top. So how can you be different?
You need to optimize your site to get the highest scores in fields like Quality & responsive website, a trusted consultant to an authorized company.

As the marking changing its mood day by day. It is important for you to have the best option available to target such changes. In these critical times, managing your brand image and promoting it high. It is important to be visible in the market always then only consumers can search you easily. If users will stay at your website for longer and interact with your content on regular bases, this helps to get better ranking through SEO.

Our SEO Agency provides services such as below to improve your ranking, user experience, and usability of your site:

  1. Publishing Relevant Contents: Publishing regular and quality content related to your business are helpful in creating your site authority and improve its ranking. Think of keywords that your readers use to search for you and then write an article on the blog and repeat it sometimes on that whole page. Bold your relevant keywords and your one step ahead to increase your site ranking.
  2. Update Content on regular bases: We Keep your content up to date. Regular updating of relevance contents keeps your site looks fresh and google also notices such changes and increases your ranking to let visitors know about these changes.
  3. Creating backlinks for your site: Whenever you are putting content on your site, make sure that you are creating links, whether it is related to your product/ services, your social media pages, or anything. This helps in the promotion of your site.
  4. Uses of alt tags: Don’t forget to describe your multimedia contents with alt tags (alternative text descriptions). This allows search engines to easily locate your site.
  5. Metadata: When you are designing a website, each page has space between the <head> tags to insert metadata or any information about the contents of that page. These are of three types:
    1. Title Metadata: This is one of the most important Metadata and responsible for displaying the title of that page on the top of the browser. For people who have CMS sites, our team have developed an automated system for the creation of such titles for every page
    2.  Description Metadata: This is the next part of your website which internet use in searches. This should be a concise and appealing description of what is contained within to attract people to enter on your website.
    3. Keyword Metadata: These are the special characters that should be used carefully in designing. These are the word which people use to search your business. You should focus on including a variety of keywords for your website but should not for more the 6-8.
  6. Create a Responsive Website: Usages if smartphones and tablets are increasing every day. No one can carry a PC or laptops everywhere. When people search website on their phone, that has a totally different interface and thus your site does not fit it This gives a bad impression on users about your business. The website should be responsive and should be able to sense the device which is been used for browsing and take that shape. whether it is PO, mobile, or tablet.

Along with that. it is equally important to have a website that loads quickly for better ranking through SEO. How do you feel if you have to wait long at the entry gate of an amusement park? Just like the same, neither visitors nor Google like such sites which load slow or have only one version. The site should be faster to compete with today’s running world.


  1. Image optimization: Apart from image file format and sizing. You should go with exploring other ways to make sure your images are working hard and in sync with your website content and in SEO front. Give relevancy of multimedia posted on the internet by using keywords for your image file name, alt tag, title, description, and caption.
  2. Readability: What if your customers tried to read the description of your content and it is in too hard language? This will surely tire them and they’ll move away. They don’t want to understand Ph.D. language. Making your contents easy to read and understand will allow everyone… from a layman to master degree holder to stay.
  3. Site Navigation: If you are using the internet, you must have done online shopping as well. Now if we ask you to compare the site navigation and description section of Flipkart & Amazon, you’ll be surprised to know how much this affects users. Flipkart has everything perfectly in the place and easy to navigate with good detailing, but on another hand, Amazon is sometimes hard to understand. A website should be designed by keeping your visitors in mind and must be easy to use.

Better ranking through SEO: Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for? Thinking about new website designing. Well, IoGoos Solutions is one of the top SEO Company which is in business for more than 10years can help you to achieve your business goals by promoting your site online and creating the path for customers towards your business. Our expert SEO Consultants are master of Google SEO & other SEO Optimization Services.

Or if you already have a website and confused that if this should be re-designed of not, please go through my another article of “7 checklists to know if your site needs redesigning


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