Role of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence
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Since the Year 2000 or probably even a couple of years before it, the world experienced a boost in terms of economy, lifestyle, and technology due to globalization. From the technological point of view, one could easily call the years that followed ‘The Technology Age’. The technological advances made in this phase were and are still considered to be impeccable. It started with chunky mobile cellular devices, which have now been thinned out to a slice of cheese; and televisions which were huge blocks of plastic have now been utilized to the utmost even bringing out virtual reality by Artificial Intelligence.

The latest such development in this side of the world was the introduction of Artificial
Intelligence to our lives. Interestingly, when we speak about Artificial Intelligence or AI, we
generally think of a multi billionaire’s pe robot Jarvis, or even utterly popular OS One from the
movie Her, but peeking behind these norms, one can notice intimate relations and interactions
we have with AI.

Little do we care, or rather know, that our everyday lives, from waking up to reading the
morning news, everything is powered through AI. In today’s day and age, the importance of cell phones overpowers any other form of inclinations we push ourselves to. Everything you see or go through on social media platforms is powered by artificial intelligence. The complex
calculations form out an algorithm based on your likes and dislikes. The algorithm or the
“entity” feeds on your taste, studies it, and offers you exclusive content. For example, one of
the best algorithms out there, Spotify, literally feeds on your like, your music habits, and your
taste to give you specially curated playlists. Even Facebook and Google maintain algorithms to
understand their customer base to provide them with content, posts, and pages or news of
similar interest.

Advertisements for products you like, videos based on your watch history, music based on your
recent listens, social content based on your activities, everything with your intention is
powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence to a certain extent is the fire of the modern generation. I say that because
this ‘entity’ or ‘intelligence’ is not going to stop anytime soon. The interesting and at the same
time, concerning thing of AI is the fact that not only is it easy for AI to read you, but also
subconsciously it feeds on you to manipulate your tastes in accordance. No matter what, AI is
here to stay, and who knows it might bring us bigger advancements to our livelihoods someday.


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