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Why you need magento developer

There are numbers of platforms available form eCommerce website development in the market but Magento has always proven itself best. Many online rating agencies have awarded Magento as the best eCommerce website development platform. A Magento Development Company can be the growth engine of your online business. Magento can be your best friend in today’s changing business environment, gives you best website and attractive user interface. It is aimed to provide great, elegant user engagement, smooth website navigation, improved customer conversion rates, increase revenue generation for the online store. For more info, check our Magento Web Services.

magento-website usageWe have listed down some of the reasons which let you know How it can be your best online business partner.

Made Specially for eCommerce

It is true that it is not the platform to design any website, but yes, it is best when it comes to designing an eCommerce website. As being open source platform as well, it let you do any type of work, customization the way you want you. It offers you some of the best tools like User Dashboards, CMS option, Newsletters, Inventory Management, Advanced shipping, supplier management, allows bundling of products, Advanced shipping, supplier management, Built-in cross-sells, upsells capabilities etc. Also, it is not as complex as an e-commerce website can be itself. It is easy to use.

Easy to Integrate

Many time you need a third party app to be integrated and which give you some different functionality rather than your original website development platform, but with Magento, you get it all. It offers you numbers of plugins free of cost and other add-ons too which make easy for a developer to design a website.

Customize The Way You Want It

As said earlier, it is an open source PHP eCommerce website development platform. Now, here open source means, you can make it the way you or your customers want it. By using Magento CMS platform, you will option to design the website which reflects your business vision and impress your customers. Its flexibility to offer custom Magento website make to top eCommerce development platform.

It is SEO Friendly

All of the eCommerce websites need some modification which is apart from the internet perfect website guidelines, thus sometimes it becomes too difficult to promote such sites on the internet. But with it, you can get rid of this problem. It offers you great meta tag control, easy sitemaps, beautiful template structure in the default themes and many more which make it the internet perfect to promote. The new version of Magento (Magento 2) even offers you make your website mobile friendly, thus it helps you to promote your site on the internet.
magento optimization

Great Efficiency

Do you stay longer on any webpage and wait for getting it loaded? The true answer is No!! The same goes for your all customers. Today, user want web pages to load quickly, having a slow website can snatch them away. The solution for those heavy eCommerce websites is Magento. It enables you to cache data, retrieves your data in no time, gives you all the relevant tools to ensure that your web pages’ load faster give a pleasant experience.

Mobile Friendly

Today, it is needed for businesses to have a website which can be loaded onto mobile devices as well.  Privet PC’s are still costly, around 60% of people use their mobile phone to search the internet, ignoring this traffic can be a huge mistake for your business. Thus the new solution Magento 2 offers you mobile friendly website development services. The mobile website connects you with your all type of customers and you can potentially increase your sales.

Easy Analytic and Tracking

Magento has launched its new tool for tacking of your website progress named “Magento’s Business Intelligence”. With this, you can get the reports for the current situation of your website, customer traffic coming on it time they are spending.

Magento is the platform which offers all that can be needed for easy eCommerce website development and maintenance. You can add or remove product and services from your webpage easily even without having that too technical knowledge.  It has offered some of the most useful tools, a function which can help to build your website its own brand.

IOGOOS Solution as being Magento web agency offers professional Magento development services, let you show your business to the world with the best tool. See our Website Development Services. We also offer low-cost Magento eCommerce website designing services and ensure that every industry should take a benefit of it. We also integrate many Magento Plugins in your website to make it user-friendly. Click here to know more about us.



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